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Departments & Doctors » Gynaecology/Obstetrician and Lactation

A gynecologist is a medical doctor who has specialized in issues regarding a woman’s reproductive system (ovaries, uterus, vagina) and often in conditions regarding urinary tract issues, such as stress incontinence.

Gynecologists are trained to evaluate, recognize and treat potential disease of the reproductive system, and are also trained surgically to perform surgeries like hysterectomies, (removal of the uterus).

Obstetricians help women who are having reproductive issues and also oversee the care of pregnant women.. They not only aid in labor and delivery, but can perform cesarean sections, induce labor, halt premature labor, or perform any other treatment required before, during or immediately after a woman has given birth. Some obstetricians specialize in working with women who have high-risk pregnancies, and others are trained in neonatologyy so they can address the needs of newborns and pregnant moms.

Lactation Consultants helps mothers and babies with latching difficulties, painful nursing, low milk production, or inadequate weight gain.They help mothers understand the fundamentals of lactation as well as supporting their efforts to learn how to feed their babies.

Dr. Kamini Naik



Consultant Obstetrician / Gynaecologist & Lactation Consultant

All Gynecological conditions
Infertility Management
Pregnancy-Antenatal,Delivery & Post natal care
All Major and Minor Gynecological Surgeries
Skilled at Vaginal Operations & Laparoscopies

Counselling :
Pre Marital
Pre Conception
Women’s Health

Dr. Annie Joseph

Specialist Gynecologist